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The Prayer for Protection was written in 1941 by the poet laureate of Unity James Dillet Freeman.  James' poetry has been carried to the moon on two occasions aboard Apollos 11 and 15 because he was a prolific writer who wrote to "help people not hurt so much." And because he wrote passionately and from his heart, allowing God to speak through him, his words have inspired and uplifted the soul and hurting hearts of so many.

The light of God surrounds me;

The love of God enfolds me;

The power of God protects me;

The presence of God watches over me.

Wherever I am, God is!

James Dillet Freeman

The Mobius band is a surface with only one side. As a bracelet it has been designed so that an inscription can flow all around, inside and out, without end. The unique properties of this design make the poetry, prayer or phrase, seem infinite.  

This exquisite bracelet made in the USA measures 8 1/4 inches in circumference, ellipse: 2 13/16 x 2 ½ inches and width: 3/16 - 5/16 inches.

Available in Sterling Silver for immediate delivery and please allow 4 weeks for 14K Gold as these are made to order. 

It arrives in a beautiful gift box with the history and care for the piece nestled in.  This makes for a beautiful presentation especially when it is wrapped!

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